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MYSCAD’s Contour Module provides the ability to generate contours from 3D data.  Contour also offers many advanced features including profile interpolation and plotting, as well as average end area volume calculations.  Based on a unique 3D land model database, MYSCAD contains all of the tools necessary to create, edit, and interpolate the terrain model.

Fast, Easy Data Entry of Points

  • Import points from ASCII point files, DGN, DXF, or DWG files.
  • Import points from data collectors.
  • Convert polylines into 3D data points.

Complete Control Over Breakline Creation

  • Breaklines are defined by connecting points with “set” lines.  If the point moves, the line moves with it.  Using set lines assures that the shape of the triangles is consistent, reproducible, and maintained in the volume and other calculations.
  • No additional points are created along the breakline.  It simply adjusts the digital terrain model (DTM).
  • Breaklines define smooth, sharp and hard changes in the contours, as well as dead areas.
  • Breaklines can be automatically generated based on the name of the points.
  • Multiple breaklines can connect to the same point.
  • When a breakline changes, MYSCAD updates the DTM as required.

Simple, One Step, Contour Generation

  • Start the command, pick a DTM layer and contours are generated in seconds.  MYSCAD automatically store in a new layers.
  • Depression contours are automatically created given a user-definable linetype.
  • User controllable spline resolution (smoothing).
  • Each DTM layer can be contoured independently.
  • Contours can be created using cubic b-spline or Catmull-Rom spline curve types.

Contour Editing and Labelling

  • The contours created are polylines and can be edited as required.
  • Contours are automatically labelled and additional labels can be added.

Fly the DTM with the cursor

  • The Coordinate Scroll can be configured to display the elevation of the cursor and the slope of the TIN on any DTM layer.

DTM Available to the Entire System

  • The DTM is created based on a Triangular Irregular Network (TIN), as opposed to an interpolated grid.
  • The same DTM used for contour generation is used by MYSCAD for all DTM operations.
  • Any command that prompts the user for an elevation can derive its value from the DTM at any X, Y location.
  • The link lines of the TIN can be displayed for visual representation of the surface; multiple layers can be shown in different colors.


The MYSCAD Contour Module does in minutes what other systems do in hours.  That is but one of the many reasons why MYSCAD is used for interesting applications such as water level analysis, contouring water temperatures, sound levels, concentrations of pollutants, ore depths, depth of cut and fill materials as well as elevations.

Because the Contour Module is an integrated part of MYSCAD, your data is plotted quickly and accurately.

The following modules are closely related to the Contour Module:

3-D View - Provides the ability to create, view and plot a 3-D perspective view from a DTM layer. A snapshot feature allows you to create a high resolution raster image of any particular scene, which you can print, plot, or import into MYSCAD using the image manager module.  3D plots add great visual impact for presentations and help in understanding existing and proposed topology.

MYSCAD is a single program, which is sold in modules as well as solution Paks that combine modules.  Each module adds access to secured commands.  Adding modules requires no additional software installation and can be accomplished with just a telephone call.


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