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Making the choice to buy to MysCad when compared to other CAD system is a smart decision. MysCad offers the advantages of simplicity combined with powerful, advanced smart features that save time and money. By looking at three areas critical to users: user interface, ease of use, and features and functionality, the choice is clear. MysCad always comes out the winner.

Simplicity of the user interface:

Ease of use - Using Windows-based commands, as well as other intuitive, icon-based commands, MysCad presents a simplified, comfortable drawing environment for anyone familiar with Microsoft Office applications.
Rapid learning - MysCad provides dual language (English & Malays), which makes the new CAD user to learn the CAD system. MysCad's simpler user interface reduces or eliminates costly training and facilitates corporate wide implementation, while other system interface requires lengthy, expensive training costs for a product directed at a smaller sector of the workforce.
Saving on steps - MysCad can achieve in a few mouse clicks what often requires four to seven, or more, mouse clicks in other system. Though AutoCAD is considered to be the CAD of choice by professional CAD users, such as draftsmen, its many task-specific toolbars contain multiple commands, all geared at making the power-user more efficient. And though many AutoCAD buttons look like common Windows icons (such as Save, Open, Undo, Cut, Paste, etc.), it exhibits many more icons, all draft oriented and specific to AutoCAD. MysCad's less complicated interface facilitates rapid proficiency.
Accuracy is a snap - MysCad was designed for a myriad of users, including non-CAD users, engineers, managers, and support staffs who have no need to become CAD "power users." MysCad is an easy-to-use, simple, and quick approach to drawing that also allows for accurate input.

Functionality without sacrificing productivity:

One click away - MysCad and most of the CAD product are designed to look like Microsoft Windows applications; that is, both use similar pull-down menus, icon-based commands, and ToolTips found in other Office applications like Word and Excel. Most users will feel comfortable in this familiar environment. However, the sheer number of commands found in AutoCAD makes learning it a lengthy proposition. MysCad is by far the easier of the applications to use. MysCad has a reduced the number of commands and, more importantly, fewer steps to draw because commonly used functionalities are integrated into logical combinations in icon-based Toolbars.
Discovery onscreen and up front - MysCad is designed to provide a simpler approach to drawing for engineers and other non-CAD users. Users can easily key in an exact length, radius, or geometric orientation in MysCad's dynamic ribbon bar, or simply draw it using the mouse. MysCad also works in a 'mouse down' mode, performing specified commands, such as Trim or Extend, on several geometric elements at one time.
Constraints reduce edits - MysCad functionality also includes connectivity among elements as they are drawn (relationships). These relationships, once applied as constraints such as connections, perpendiculars, tangency, parallel, concentric, or equivalence, not only maintain the connections between elements but also control the behavior of geometry when said geometry is modified. This ability to change, without breaking all the connecting elements, fundamentally defines parametric.

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