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MysCad Geomatic Design Office (MysCad GDO) is software which contains sophisticated design modules such as road design, earth work design, pipe line design, parcel design, transmission design and so on. Furthermore, this software is Malays and English character sets supported. Besides, it also CAD supported software. With this software, operators can work in one system from start to finish which mean operators only learn one system instead of 2 or more. Our aim is to provide fast, user friendly and complete with more design options so that the operators can complete the final design on time, no budget, increased productivity and reduced cost. In directly, your company can win more business. This software is suitable to those expert groups who are in engineering, consulting, surveying and any relevant fields.


  • Volume Design
    • 5 Method of Volume Calculation by End Area, Trapezoinal or Traingulation method.
    • Comply Land &Survey Volume Calculation & Submission
    • Proposed platform level design with user definable slope cut
    • Automatic or Manual Long Section and Cross Section drawing calculation
  • Road design
    • Horizontal and Vertical alignment with traditional or coordinate Method
    • Horizontal and Vertical Curve design such as spiral, circular curve, transition curve
    • Profiles design with Volume generation and LongSection & Cross Section Templates
    • 3D perspectives view
  • Pipeline design
    • Design pipe line by manually or vertical selection
    • Split Pipeline Profile (by sections)
    • Pipeline Profile design and info generation
  • Drainage Design
    • Design Drainage line by manually or vertical selection
    • Split Drainage Profile (by sections)
    • Drainage Profile design and info generation
  • Transmission line design
    • Design the transmission line graphically
    • Orientate the transmission line
    • Add on the design details through Input Panel
    • Profile design and details generation
  • Parcel Design
    • Graphically Draw or edit the parcel
    • Direct input the coordinates and relevant information using Input Panel
    • Add on parcel information
    • Perform open traverse adjustment and close traverse adjustment
    • Comprehensive traverse reports
  • 3D Analysis
    • Slope, Elevation, ISOZone, Mash Analysis
    • Complete 3D view with multiple rendering method

Key Benefits:

MysCad is a full featured Windows based CAD system, focusing exclusively on the special needs of civil engineers, surveyors, construction contractors, and mapping professionals.

  • Work in one system from start to finish which mean operators only learn one system instead of 2 or more.
  • Sophisticated design office which mean operators can complete the final design faster.
  • More design options can increase the productivity and reduced cost.
  • Reduced re-design work which mean the operators can complete the design on time and on budget.
  • Full support and generation on require deliverables and relevant reports.

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