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Hydro Mapper

•Multiple software flavors for specific applications - The Rig flavor enables you to position and manage tugs, rigs, and barges. You can view the vessel image at your target location and use bullseye displays for precise guidance. Once in position, you can carry out final positioning with real-time statistics, and print a text report or export your data to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Pile is used for precise marine pile positioning applications, such as bridge and wharf construction. With the Dredge flavor, you can load a design channel shape into the software and use it to help you precisely position the dredge head. The software provides dredge head tracking that, along with RTK, provides centimeter guidance.

•Supports GPS, and multiple sensors - The software supports multiple sensor inputs, such as attitude sensors and cable out devices, and works with DGPS, RTK, to provide precise 3D positioning in real-time.

•Enhanced guidance features provide guidance information between two moving vessels and between a vessel and a moving link, such as an anchor line.

• The Hydrographic Svy offers rapid data processing for contouring. Whether you are surveying a harbor, placing piles for a new wharf, positioning a barge, or tracking vessels, the flexible, integrated design of the HYDROSvyO Construction software will meet the exacting requirements of your marine or waterway construction projects.

• Background Files - The background display in engineering drawings from in CAD DXF. SURVEY can also display your vessel over an orthometric TIF file, BMP, JPF, GIG file, allowing you to use aerial photos for your background display. SURVEY also allows you to combine different background file formats.

• Targeting - Besides providing "on line" control, SURVEY also allows users to import or to mark in real time target locations. Target locations can be prepared in advance and then used to navigate to user defined locations for water quality samples or recovery of bottom mounted equipment. They can also be used to mark aids/hazards to navigation, such as buoys, wrecks, rocks, etc. (Optional)

• Color Coded Depth Matrix - SURVEY allows you to "paint" the bottom with single beam, multiple transducer or multibeam depth information. This feature provides you with a real time and permanent bottom coverage map which can also be used to locate bottom features and depth outliers. Depth matrices can be plotted in MysCad or can be exported to ASCII XYZ files for import into other applications.

• Boat Shapes - In certain applications, it’s nice to see the exact outline of your survey boat, barge, dredge, etc. Hydro Svy Office has a simple BOAT SHAPE EDITOR program which allows you to describe the exact dimensions of your vessel. (Optional)

• Night Operations - Hydro Svy Office’s SURVEY program allows users to toggle between Day and Night colors, allowing for 24-hour survey operations.

• Calibration Routines - Hydro Svy Office contains tested routines to calibrate delay times between your GPS and echosounder and our famous PATCH TEST program for the calibration of multibeam systems. (Optional)

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