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2014 : XXV International Federation Of Surveyors Congress (FIG 2014)
Philippines NLAA Event 2011
Philippines MAA Event 2011
The 11th South East Asian Survey Congress
Map Asia 2010 - KLCC
Map Asia 2009 - Singapore
Map Asia 2008 - KLCC
College Sarawak Career Fair 2008 (July)
College Sarawak Career Fair 2008 (March)
International Symposium & Exhibition on Geoinformation 2007
Map Asia 2007
The 1st Malaysian Software Engineering Conference
KOJUTA 5th Annual Meeting
International Symposium & Exhibition on Geoinformation(ISG) 2005

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General Features

Detail View - This ability is similar to AutoCAD plotting layouts however, much more user friendly. MysCad allows you the ability to place these detail views on any view.
Visual fidelity - The translators preserve the visual accuracy of an AutoCAD file by providing support for the following seven graphic variables: colors, widths, linestyles, fill patterns, font styles, Xrefs, and paper space.
Data fidelity - The translators preserve the data accuracy of an AutoCAD file by providing equivalent element types to which entities are mapped. Data accuracy is also supported in non-displayed data such as relationships, the attributes assigned to the graphic elements.
Full import - You have full import and export capabilities for traditional CAD data. In addition, you can work with .dgn and .dxf data in native formats - as if these formats were OLE-enabled. Acting as wrappers around foreign data, OLE servers allow you to simply drag AutoCAD (as well as MicroStation) data into MysCad. You can even locate points in the CAD geometry and work directly off those points in your MysCad file. This capability gives you live access to legacy data.

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