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1. What is MysCad?

MysCad, the first in the world provides dual language for both English and Malays in one CAD Operation System.

The affordable alternative to AutoCAD, MysCad uses AutoCAD DWG as its native drawing format and can read and write AutoCAD Binary DWG files. With MysCad, you get a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, as well as MysCad SCRIPT.

Powerful 3D Editing Tool Menu allows users to perform Query & Analysis, Modification, Modeling, Calculation, Measurement and 3D Automatic Real Time Roaming with ease.

2. What are the main benefits of MysCad?

MysCad software integrates unique and professional work tools for easier, faster and more precise designing, Geometic, Surveying, Interior Design, CAD & CAM application.

MysCad fully integrates between all system features:

Interactive updates between the Engineering, Earth Work, Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Cross-Sections, Layout, Volumes, Drainage Pipelines Layout, Drainage Pipelines Profiles, Terrain & Triangulation Modeling and etc.

A quick Earth-works balancing in Site Development and Reservoirs Design.

Immediate updates between the RAW file (observation file), coordinates file, map lines and blocks that had been drawn from the surveyed coordinates and the topography/contour lines. integration 3D rendering with full texture or image support for 3D entities between the drawing data and any application via the "open database" approach to all the design elements (alignment, profile, cross-sections etc), enabling tabular data updates and their manipulation on the drawings and vise-verse.

3. Is MysCad compatible with other CAD standards?

Yes, MysCad is compatible with international CAD standards that support native drawing file (*.dwg) without converting and exporting.

4. Can I run MysCad to do 3D design?

Yes, MysCad support 2D + 3D design, 3D modeling with Raster Image Support and Rendering Facitilies which can use for City planning, Municipal design and 3D applications.

5. Can I insert image when I run MysCad?

Well, MysCad support on Screen Digitizing For The Imported Industry Standard Image Format (*.jpg, *.bmp or *.wmf). Besides, user also can view and plot image files as background for design data. Typical uses include the incorporation of aerial photographs, satellite imagery and scanned images used as a backdrop for the location of existing or proposed features.

6. Can MysCad share data between drawings and applications?

Yes, MysCad support Dynamic Link between CAD drawing and Topographical Survey Data, Cadastral Survey Calculation Result.

7. Can I download data from instrument into MysCad?

Yes, "Download Manager" allow data to be transfer to MysCad application through the instrument. MysCad also support various type of format like NTS, Topcon, Leica and etc.

8. What are the main features for "Earth work" and "Topography"?

It support Earth Work Engineering, Long Section and Cross Section Profile and Volume Calculation.

It support terrain modeling and contouring with 3D auto dynamic roaming ability.

It support Water Level Analysis with grid base modeling and labeling abilities.

It also provide Engineering Calculation For Horizontal and Vertical curve, Ssetting out, Leveling, Intersection, Resection, Area and Volume with reporting facilities.

It also provide localized cadastral calculation with "what you see what you get" reporting system.

9. Is MysCad customizable?

Yes, user can customize the interface and commands. toolbars - can be arranged with "drag and drop" functionality. Menus - can be re-organized with our graphical menu editor. Screen - items can be turned off for more graphics area. Layout - of command window - top or bottom and etc.

10. Can I reset the configuration?

Yes, MysCad is totally graphical and user configurable, giving the user complete control over the configuration for unit types, colors, attribute data and feature display etc.

11. What is the meaning behind the name of MysCad?

The name of MysCad took ten month to be named. MysCad was given by the time when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The words “Mys” represent a lot of meaning. “Mys” stand for Malaysia, “Malaysia Boleh” and automatically its showing that it is a Malaysian product.. The word “mys” is easy to memorized and it is simple and easy to say MysCad.

12. What is MSC?

MSC stand for Multimedia Super Corridor. MSC-status is the Governed and Recognition by the Malaysian Government through MDC for companies that participate and undertake its ICT activities in the MSC. MSC-status companies enjoy a set of incentives and benefits from the Malaysian Government backed by the Ten Bill of Guarantees.

13. What is field to finish?

Field to finish is the process of capturing the data from the survey site and input it into the survey software, and then make the calculation. Then import the data into CAD for plotting and designing. During this session data might be lost. Users have to reedit the plotting point and the design.

14. What is field to production?

Field to Production is the process of capturing the data from survey site, input it into the software (MysCad) and the software will do all the calculation and lastly plotting.

15. Why should I buy MysCad?

  • Value for money:-
    • Combination of survey and design software and CAD system.
    • Money for 1, get value for 2 systems.
    • Save cost, time and manpower.
  • Data 100% doesn’t lose when data has been transfer.
  • Dual language in one CAD platform system.
  • Compatible with international CAD standards.
  • More than 1000 CAD function and keyboard command available.
  • Customizable user Interface and commands.
  • Extra tools, Edit, Modify, update, Hatches, notes and dimension, createlayouts and plot drawings.

16. Where is the origin of MysCad?

The technology of MysCad came from USA and has been altered and modified base on users requirement in Malaysia.

17. How reliable is MysCad?

Reliable, it has sold more than 100 licenses, for example KTS Resources Sdn. Bhd. MysCad is compatible with other international CAD standards that support native drawing file (*.dwg) without converting and exporting.

18. What is the output file for MysCad?

The output files of MysCad are: *.dwg, *.vdf, *.dxf, *.vdi, *.wmf, *.emf, *.bmp.

19. What kind of instruments that support by MysCad Geometric Desktop?

With "Download Manager" it allows data to be transfer to MysCad application through the instrument. MysCad also support various type of format like NTS, Topcon, Leica and etc.

20. What is Raster?

Raster is a type of image. For example, *.jpg is one of the raster images. When we zoom in and out the raster image, the quality of the image will not be clear. The image will be blurring.

21. What is vector image?

Vector is a type of image. Vector image or picture will not be blurring when we zoom out or zoom in.

22. What is traverse?

Traverse is a survey method that use for producing, transferring and demarcate the control mark on the ground which is the must for most of the survey method such as topography and detail survey, cadastral or title survey and etc.

23. What is Title / Cadastral survey?

Title/Cadastral survey is used to check or to determine the boundary of a land. The result of it must be sending to land survey department (Local Authority) to keep as record for the land parcel on the ground.

24. What is topography and details survey?

Topography and details survey are used to capture the detail on the ground and put it on the map such as tree, road, pond and etc and to be used by engineer, planner and architect for the planning purpose.

25. What is meaning of terrain?

Terrain is the profile of land surface.

26. How many line types does MysCad can support?

There a several types of line that support by MysCad for example:

  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Single line
  • Double polygon
  • Spline
  • Draw line with circle

27. What kind of survey features that MysCad modules consist of?

Below are type of survey available in MysCad software:

  • Earthwork
  • Topography
  • Details survey
  • Title Survey
  • Engineering
  • GPS mapping

28. How do we create contour using MysCad?

There are 2 methods to create contour:

  • Earthwork -> Create Terrain Model -> Active Terrain Profile -> Topography -> Contouring
  • Topography -> Terrain Modeling -> Contouring

29. What is cut and fill?

Cut and fill normally used to determined the volume of the land to be in cut or have to fill in. MysCad will count for you the volume that your need either to filling or cutting purpose.

30. Why I can't view my points?

There is several reason for this problem, to view points, the point layer must be active and the view mode must set to wire mode. If these doesn't work, try to zoom extent again. Otherwise the point will not display accordingly.

31. How to calculate the Detail Survey Data?

Normally survey firm will do calculating manually but using MysCAD, you can calculate the data using TopoCal function inside Topo Survey Office.

32. How to export the data to drawing?

After calculating data, just click to Plot Topo and the drawing will come out. But before that make sure there is no object in the drawing.

33. What does Numerical To Text function do? How to used numerical to text function?

This command creates a terrain model points from the selected numerical text. The X and Y coordinate for the created 3D point is follow the original position of the selected numerical text. The 3D points are store at layer TerrianFromText. To do this:

  • Topography Menu, choose Numerical text to Terrain.
  • Select a text or use windows selection.
The 3D points will be created and store in layer TerrianFromText.

34. Why I cannot create Cross section line?

Please clear your Snap function by using Clear Osnaps button. This is because when you click on alignment line, the snap function will attached to cross section line.

35. How many volume calculation that the software have?

MysCad have 2 types of volume calculation that are:
Method No 1:Triangulation method

  • Standard volume on single terrain
  • Cut and fill volume on single terrain
  • Volume on excavated terrain
  • Volume by 2 terrain model
Method No2: End area method
  • Volume by cross section

36. Naming code, can it be anything? Will it be over write?

Yes, it can be anything. No, it will not.

37. Can it show the view on 3 dimensions by rotating?

Yes, just click on the Real Time Rotating Button.

38. How to show decimal point?

Click on the Topography and click on the Decimal to Dot Conversion.

39. How to show the height of the point?

Click on the Topography and go to the Terrain Z Label.

40. Will it be overlap when the ID number is the same?

Yes, the number will be overlap if the ID number is the same.

41. What is excavated?

Excavated is a land area that will be dig.

42. What are the purposes of cross section profile?

Creating a cross section plan is just like build a long section plan, a terrain model or the active terrain model must be set first.

43. Who determine PPL? Where is the PPL line?

Depend on the Surveyor to where it wants to put the line.

Propose Platform level which mainly given by the engineer and consultant for the designing purpose (Road design, Earth work Design, Curve Design,)

44. How to do traverse?

First step is to setup the station then take back sight data and follows to find foresights data.

45. Where does the water flow? From the red circle to the tail or reverse?

The water flows from the red circle to the tail.

46. How to create long section profile?

To create a multiple long section plan, a terrain model or the active terrain model must be set first. In MysCad, Long Section plan can be build base on 2 methods, as following:

  • Long Section Plan By Triangle intersect method
  • Long Section Plan By Triangle Chainage method

47. How to search the point code?

  • Topography Menu – Choose Search Point Code
  • Enter the string for search at the command box
Press Enter. The search result will return.

48. How to show decimal point?

Click on the Topography and click on the Decimal to Dot Conversion.

49. What is the function of interpolate topo points?

This function is used to interpolate the topo point on an active terrain. A terrain model must build first before running this function. Alternatively, user may use the form terrain function at Earth Work Module and then set the active terrain model.

50. What is Id Code?

Id code is used to refer to the point that we measure.

51. What is code list?

Code list is used to give a constant name refers to the object that we measure.

52. Can user see the actual scale on the template?

Yes. Go to insert block under insert menu then choose template and insert to the diagram.

53. Participant wish to see instead of cross section , they want to see in one section.

Go to Multiple long section profile under earthwork menu.

54. Can you import data from Total Station or Survey Software?

Yes. MysCad software is compatible with Total Station such as Topcon, Leica, Horizon, Sokkia and Nikon. In addition, this software used file format such as LISCAD, TRPS, SDR Map, Civil CAD etc.

55. What is the import and export format of MysCad?

a) Import format: Id XYZ

  • Mobile Mapper GPS [RSO Data]
b) Export format: MOSS Fomat
  • ArcInfo
  • SDR33 Coods_EN
  • TDS Coords E+N

56. How many type of survey coding does MysCad module support?

Sequential Coding

  • Random
  • Line Stop Character

57. What is the advantages MysCad Geomatic desktop compare to Auto Cad land desktop?

By using MysCad we can download data and reduce the bearing and distances for topography automatically but Auto Cad land desktop it’s only can download but cannot reduces bearing and distances.

58. Does MysCad support coordinate transformation?

Yes, MysCad support coordiate transformation for whole Malaysia. MysCad Support 7 parameters.

59. How many types of coordinate transformation does it support?

The example of coordinate transformation that support by MysCad are:

  • Sarawak: WGS AND RSO

60. What kind of GPS that MysCad support?

MysCAD have features for GPS mapping. Furthermore MysCAD also compatible with GPS hardware such as Garmin, Thales etc and can download directly from this instrument.

61. Does MysCad support GPS?

Yes. MysCAD support GPS

62. What is the accuracy for Garmin and Thales product?

For Garmin, the accuracy is 15 meter and Thales is submeter.

63. How do I transfer my data from Leica TC 1105 to computer?

Leica TC 1105 comes with PC Cards, the user can download their data from PC Card directly to the computer.

64. What kind of license that MysCad support?

MysCad support 2 types of licenses:

  • Floating license (Dongle)
  • Fix License (Computer ID)

65. Does it have network license? How if customer want for the network license?

At this moment, no. We can give fix licenses or dongles.

66. How to change language?

MysCAD come with dual language English – Malay. Just used Change Language or Tukar Bahasa command to switch the language.

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