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In order to better compare features between MysCad and other CAD system, two general workflows will be analyzed: design and drafting, concluding with general features and a general market comparison.


Freedom to design - From conceptual design to final approval, MysCad features intuitive commands that allow any user to quickly sketch a design idea and then refine it. MysCad powerfully transform a user's freehand mouse motions or sketched lines into precision geometry.
A dimension ahead - MysCad user can quickly annotate the design by selecting the geometry and placing the dimension. Since MysCad uses relationships and constraints (where elements remain attached to each other), the user can then modify a dimension and immediately see the change reflected in the geometry.


Simplicity for a complex world - Powerful enough for production drafting, MysCad was designed for the non-CAD user or the casual CAD user (those who spend less that 10 percent of each week on CAD) with little or no training. AutoCAD for example, however, was specifically designed for production drafting, with a wide draft-specific range of commands and dimensioning functionality. Entire college courses are dedicated solely to teach students AutoCAD. Companies must invest large amounts of training dollars for draftsmen to become productive and to remain up-to-date on that system.
The power to produce - MysCad's dimensioning functionality includes dimensioning along an axis, angular dimensioning, leader placement, and improved symbols for geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T). In addition to creating native geometry, MysCad can reference existing AutoCAD (or MicroStation) drawings to create compound documents. Now engineers, managers, and support staff can use or provide data to the draftsman that is accurate, legible, and, through MysCad's ability to Save As AutoCAD, in a usable/modifiable format. MysCad also includes Image Integrator as a raster add-in, allowing users to combine raster data with vector data for hybrid documents.

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